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Shared Grocery was created by Kennan Mell, a software engineer with a passion for simple and easy-to-use apps. Kennan is an alumni of the University of Washington and has worked at Google and Facebook. His other projects include Factor Find and PVP IV.

Kennan initially made Shared Grocery as a simple project to learn development tools like SwiftUI and IGListKit. Because there are so many existing grocery apps, he never expected to use Shared Grocery long-term. In fact, as a longtime AnyList users himself, he never even intended to publish it.

So he was surprised when he found himself using Shared Grocery instead of existing list apps. While it lacked some features of more established apps – especially in the early stages of development – the convenience of being able to add items without having to think about which store/sub-list to assign them to was very appealing, and didn’t seem to exist elsewhere in the market.

During quarantine in 2020 and early 2021, Kennan continued to develop Shared Grocery, adding more advanced features like sharing, Siri support, and image attachments. Thanks to friends and family, the app was polished through multiple beta versions and dozens of grocery store runs before being published.

On behalf of everyone who has helped make Shared Grocery what it is today, we hope you’ll find the app as useful and time-saving as we have!

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