How to import items in Shared Grocery

While Shared Grocery makes it easy to add items one at a time, sometimes it’s more convenient to import them in bulk. For example, you might do this if you want to add ingredients from a recipe, copy items from another shopping list app, or simply find it easier to type items in a notepad rather than in Shared Grocery’s UI.

Importing items requires a subscription to Shared Grocery Premium.

To import items, follow these steps:

  • Select “…” (menu)
  • Select “Import Items”
    • If you are not a Shared Grocery Premium member, you will be asked to subscribe at this point. You must be a Premium member to import items.
  • Copy the text you want to import (you may leave the app to do this).
    • Each item to import should be on its own line. If the line starts with a bullet point or whitespace, it will be removed.
    • Instead of copying text, you can just type the items to import.
  • Tap next to the cursor to bring up the menu.
    • If the menu doesn’t appear, it probably means you don’t have any text copied.
  • Tap “Paste” to paste your copied text.
  • Tap “Done” to import the items.
    • If there is an error importing some of the items, you will be notified.

Note that it’s not currently possible to import items with notes or image attachments.

If you have any questions or suggestions – such as additional import formats that would be useful – feel free to reach out to

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