Learning the basics of Shared Grocery

Shared Grocery is a very minimalist shopping list app, but that doesn’t mean it’s not packed with useful features! This article walks through some of the most commonly used features in Shared Grocery.

Adding Items

To add items to Shared Grocery, tap the “+” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Enter the name of the item, and optionally enter the store where you’ll buy it, notes, or images related to the item. When you’re ready to add the item, press the “Done” button in the top right corner.

  • You can refer to this article for more information about adding notes and images.
  • If you’ve added an item in the past, any store, notes, or images you entered last time will be entered automatically to save you time!
    • You can also add items you’ve added in the past by going to “… (menu)” -> “Completed” and tapping the circle to the left of the item.
  • You can edit items at any time by tapping on them in the item list.

Completing Items

Once you’ve added an item, you’ll eventually buy it and be ready to complete it. You can complete an item by pressing the circular button next to the item’s name on the item list.

  • Previously completed items are accessible from the … menu in the top right corner, by tapping “Completed”.
  • You can also complete an item by tapping on it then pressing “Complete”.
  • If you don’t want the item to show up in your completed items list or item suggestions, you can swipe left on the item to delete it completely.
  • You can also long press to complete items if you enable this feature in Settings.

Snoozing Items

Sometimes you add an item while it’s on your mind but aren’t ready to buy it quite yet. And sometimes you want to buy an item but the store is out of it. In these cases, you can “snooze” the item after adding it in order to take it off your list for a little while.

To snooze an item, simply swipe right on it.

  • Currently snoozed items are accessible from the … menu in the top right corner, by tapping “Snoozed”.
    • You can swipe right on items that are already snoozed to un-snooze them.
  • Snoozed items will be added back to your list automatically after a day. You can change this time interval by tapping on the item and editing the “Snoozed” date, or by changing the default snooze duration in Settings.
  • You can also snooze an item by tapping on it then pressing “Snooze”.

Organizing Items By Store

When you add an item, if you enter a store name, the item will automatically be added to that store. If you add the item again later, it will be added to the same store again – you won’t ever have to enter the store name again!

To view items assigned to a specific store, tap on the filter button in the top left corner.

  • You can also view all items on all stores simultaneously by selecting “All Items”, or view items you haven’t assigned a store yet by selecting “No Store”.
  • If you’ve selected a store, any items you add while the store is selected will be assigned to that store automatically.
  • You can filter the Completed and Snoozed lists by store as well.
  • Stores only appear when they have an item in them. To make a store with a specific name appear, add an item to that store.

Sorting your List

Shared Grocery sorts your list based on how you’ve completed items in the past. For example, if you completed “apples” right before “bananas” the last time you went to the store, Shared Grocery will put those two items next to each other the next time you add them (with “apples” first).

If you’d prefer to sort the items a different way, you can change this by going to “… (menu)” -> “Settings” and changing the selection in “Sort List By”. The options are:

  • Date Last Completed: Described above.
  • Date Created: The item created most recently will appear first.
  • Alphabetic: Items are sorted in alphabetic order.
  • Times Completed: Items you’ve completed the most often will appear first.
  • Note that manual sorting and sorting by category are not currently supported.

Subscribing to Premium

Some features – in particular inviting others to share your list, adding images to items, and importing items in bulk – are only available with Shared Grocery Premium, a subscription service which unlocks the full power of Shared Grocery. You can learn more about Shared Grocery Premium and how to subscribe in this article.

Other Useful Features

  • You can easily share your list by following the steps in this article.
  • You can learn how to import multiple items at once – for example from a recipe – in this article. You can perform other bulk actions on items – such as deleting all items – from “…” (menu) -> “Select All”.
  • You can use Siri to add or delete items by saying “Hey Siri, add bananas using Grocery”.
  • You can add home screen widgets to view how many items/stores/snoozed items you currently have, and to create a shortcut to add an item with one tap. Refer to this Apple article to learn how to add widgets.
  • You can shake your device to undo or redo your last add/complete/snooze/delete action.
  • There are a variety of customizations you can make by going to “… (menu)” -> “Settings”.
  • You can long press the Shared Grocery app icon on the home screen to reveal quick actions that allow you to add an item with one tap, and more.
  • Shared Grocery works with VoiceOver and is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Unsupported Features

The following features are currently not supported.

  • Apple Watch app: Shared Grocery synchronizes data using Firebase Firestore, which is not available for Apple Watch. If Firestore is updated to support Apple Watch, we will prioritize making an Apple Watch App ASAP!
  • Categories: In order to maintain Shared Grocery’s minimalist design, we have no current plans to support categories.
  • Recipes: In order to maintain Shared Grocery’s minimalist design, we have no current plans to support recipes. Note, however, that you can use the Import feature to import items from recipes you have online or in other apps.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions by emailing sharedgroceryapp@gmail.com

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